Vesbridge Partners is an experienced venture capital firm that provides the fuel and guidance for the 
		development of technology innovations into thriving and successful businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves with deep operational backgrounds, we bring our vast resource network together with promising management teams to create the successful companies of the future.

Our focus is on companies leveraging disruptive technologies and compelling business value propositions to reshape or create markets.

Vesbridge invests in early stage companies, providing the industry sector knowledge and connections required for our companies to get from product concept to customer deployments.
Though we have invested in a variety of sectors, the initiatives below are areas where we are currently focusing, and are shown with some example areas of entrepreneurial activity.



Deal Flow

Web Services

2 Billion Plus mobile subscribers
800 Million new mobile phones/yr
More power than 1999 PCs

Mobile Search, Backup,
Location, MobileTV, FMC

Digital Media

IP TV with Ad Supported Rev Model
User Generated Content
Social Networking

Ad Insertion, Video Search,

Wireless and Mobility

Broadband ubiquity makes possible
Ease of deployment

Software as a Service,
Consumer Applications

Data Center & Security

Storage cost decreases by 45%/yr Everything valuable is digitized
Authenticating devices and people

Storage Management,
Authentication, SOA