Vesbridge Partners is an experienced venture capital firm that provides the fuel and guidance for the 
		development of technology innovations into thriving and successful businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves with deep operational backgrounds, we bring our vast resource network together with promising management teams to create the successful companies of the future.
Zenas Hutcheson - Senior Managing Director
Jeff Hinck - Senior Managing Director
Staffan Ericsson - Venture Partner
Tom Rowbotham - Venture Partner

Vesbridge Team Members

It takes deep operating experience to build a successful company.

Our team consists of experienced and innovative individuals that have proven track records of bringing disruptive technologies and products to market. Some have built their own companies. Others have grown companies as senior executives. All have the kind of operating experience it takes to nurture success.

Our value as an investor to our portfolio companies is in our ability to provide a resource network of technical and industry experts, customer introductions and entrepreneurial experience that will lay the groundwork for success.